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Hidden Gem Dental was formed with a mission to deliver needed dental care that heals more than just teeth, that heals the body, that allows a person to realize the value of having a naturally beautiful functional smile. After all, no two glasses of water are alike, and thus we are unlike any dental practice that is out there, a practice that is different in its own way, without being right or wrong, or better or worse, a practice that will work for you, to bring you to a wellness point suitable to continue your life with freedom and ease. 


A summary:


- 3D CT Scan Available On Site allowing us to fully evaluate any dental condition


- Digital Radiography gives us the possibility of diagnosing without harming the person with medical (called iatrogenic) radiation


- Guided Implant replacement of teeth allows for rapid and almost painless implant treatment, giving us the possibility to digitally place the implant in the computer software and to predictably reproduce the same position, angulation, as planned prior to the appointment


- Cloud Stored Digital Records that protects your most sensitive information, information that is stored offsite and never in our office, avoiding the possibility of the physical charts being removed from our office



- Prosthetics that are fabricated domestically, in the USA,  from start to finish. 


- In contrast to a large dental chain conglomerate, you can expect to see the same friendly faces every time you visit


You are always welcome to call, email, or text us. Communication is kinda exciting at this point in time!


We offer financing options for your dental needs, with zero percent payment plans. So you can afford your treatment, complete what is needed and wanted,  and live your life enjoying your smile. 


Fear of the dentist, of the dentally caused discomfort, of the loud sounds and uncommon sensations,  is all very common and is completely understandable. There are those that can easily overcome this fear and are able to keep healthy long lasting beautiful smiles into the old age. And for you, the fear is an obstacle, a step, a journey that we will be taking on together, and bring you to the place of wellness and health for your beautiful teeth, and for the rest of your being. 


In any area of life, all it takes is a first step to begin your journey, as it did when we all took our first step as children. We are here for you when you are ready for us, and the only step you must take is to let us know you are ready to see us, to allow all of us to help you to slowly move towards it is that you decide for yourself. 






4403 West Hillsboro Blvd

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Monday – Friday  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Calls and Texts: (954) 405-9620


One office for the whole family