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- 3D CT Scan Available On Site allowing us to fully evaluate maxillary and mandibular jaws volumetrically for accurate and highly predictable treatment of conditions such as dental implants and surgical procedures


- Digital Radiography creates the possibility of diagnosing early stage dental conditions using low levels of  radiation, 95% less compared to conventional methods


- Guided Implant replacement of teeth allows for rapid, accurate, and minimally invasive treatment option of digitally placing the implant in the computer software and predictably reproducing the position, angulation, as planned prior to the appointment in the mouth


- Cloud Stored Digital Records that protects your most sensitive information, information that is stored offsite and never in our office, avoiding the possibility of the physical charts being removed from our office



- Prosthetics, such as crowns, dentures, implant bridges,   are fabricated by labs domestically  in the USA from start to finish. Dental Zirconium remains our number one choice for dental prosthetics due to superior strength and being fully ceramic metal free option


- In contrast to a large dental chain conglomerate, you can expect to be seen by the same dental professional  every time you visit


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Partial tooth replacement  with implants is the most effective solution to replace missing teeth

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Full arch replacement of teeth with implants and implant retained zirconium bridges is a gold standard in dentistry and is a service we offer at Hidden Gem Dental



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